Angel Cat Book

Angel Cat Book

Angel cat book?  Yes. I one as a most delightful surprise over the weekend.  A colleague and SERIOUS cat lover from my UCLA days sent me as a retirement gift  a book titled Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort by Allen and Linda Anderson.  If the title isn’t intriguing enough, you can see it sports a beautiful yellow tabby on the cover.  A thin tabby, unlike my Wilson. But a yellow tabby nonetheless.


The back cover says, “The stories….attest to the comfort, healing, and love that cats give us. These tales introduce us to some remarkable feline characters….

It seems to be a book that invites introspection into the deeper meanings of life – as inspired by cats.

Here are some of the chapter titles:

  • Is Life Better When We Curl Up Together?
  • Do We Get Help to Heal Life’s Scratches?
  • Were We Meant to Play with Our Littermates?

This should be a pleasant read!

The picture below is the angel cat named KIWI that owns the lovely colleague who sent me this gift.  The quote is from the book.



Angel Cat Book


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