Awesome Cat Images from IMSI Masterclips

Awesome Cat Images can be found in the IMSI Masterclip collections

Awesome Cat Images from IMSI Masterclips

This post is good news for those of you who have older operating systems.  The IMSI Masterclips collection comes with several CDs that have hundreds and hundreds of images on them. The collection I purchased – over 10 years ago – had over 1 million images. Yes 1 million! The collage above is a miniscule sampling of the images of cats, or images that contain cats, from an  IMSI Masterclips collection

IMSI no longer produces these packages – many can now be found on – but it is a subscription based resource – and it would take a long time to download as many images that are available within these IMSI collections.  If you’ve a Windows NT/98/2000/ME/94, Mac/Linux/Unix, Mac)S9 and below – you can still avail yourself to this incredible assortment of images by searching for images right from the discs.

But if you’ve a modern system, do not despair! What I did is copy all the CDs (20 of them) to my computer (I have Windows 8)  then batch converted the images from .wmf to jpeg using the free and nifty Infranview software.

Seriously, the amount and variety of images will surprise and delight you.  If you are a person who likes graphics, uses graphics, wants graphics, this is a worthwhile investment.

The collage, by the way, was created using Collage Maker 3.70 by Galleria Software. I think I paid $25.00 for it. I love it.  But there are wonderful collages you can make on line for free. Try Lunapic.


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