Be a Cat for Halloween

As I’ve gotten older I Halloween doesn’t excite me much. But one thing for sure, whether past, or present, my favorite costume is that of a cat.  For obvious reasons…!

I like the cat costume option because there is such a wide range of how far you can go to dress up like a cat. You can just wear cat ears and pin on a tail, or you can go ALL out and wear a costume such as this one that is on Amazon:

If I were go to THAT elaborate, my style in my old age would be more like this comfy costume:

But, I’m happy going simple and wearing cat ears and a tail.  I did some searching and found a WONDERFUL assortment of cat ears on Etsy: These are handmade by the many who sell items on Etsy.  Below is a snapshot of images that came up when I did a search “Etsy Cat Ears”

screen shot of cat costume items on Etsy.


Truth be told, my idea of a PURRRFECT Halloween is no costume, no noisy party, no driving around town.   Instead, snuggled up at home with Willy in my lap, husband by my side,  fireplace burning and a scary movie playing on our big screen TV.

Halloween BLISS!


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