Capes for Cats

Just before Halloween I did a post about costumes for cats, and wondered if cats enjoy being dressed up.

Capes for Cats

Meet Spider and Connor wearing their capes for cats

Then a friend of mine posted a photo of her two cats sporting what I thought were Halloween costumes.  Comfortable Halloween costumes. As I browsed through her Facebook photo album I noted her kitties seem to be wearing these “costumes”  year around.  They are not costumes after all. They are capes for cats.

These two magnificent cats, Spider and Connor, own Tina Fox – creator of a site called Crummy Gut –  dedicated to people with stomach and intestinal diseases and issues.  The cats are Oriental shorthairs–a subset of Siamese. Spider, the dark kitty, reminds Tina of Bastet – a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. And they both certainly expect me to worship them.”

Upon inquiring if there was a reason why the cats wore capes she explained, “Connor has  hyperesthesia which means that the nerves in his lower back fire inappropriately. It causes him to twitch and then he pulls out his fur. The cape against his back comforts him so that he does not bite himself. Spider wants to do what Connor does so I let him wear some of Connor’s capes, too. Connor has all sorts of capes.” 

Costumes for Cats

Tina makes all of their capes, with the exception of Spider’s Halloween outfit.  Use Halloween-themed fabric and you have a costume! Tina shares this wisdom about costumes for cats, “The trick in making costumes for cats  is to make sure that their front legs have full movement. If you Velcro the costume at the neck and then under belly, leaving their arms free, you can usually get them to wear a costume without crouching.” 

Spider and Connor are beautiful kitties aren’t they? Someone asked if they are talkative like the Siamese cats, “Connor more so than Spider but both are talkative. And very, very inquisitive….they have trained me very well. I am their loyal servant.”

LOL. Aren’t we all when it comes to our beloved cats?


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