Cat Collages

Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.  – Pat Brown

Cat Collages


Meet Maude. She owns PC Technician Circe Denyer.  Maude just LOVES to make it very difficult for Circe to work at her computer!  This cat has such personality – and such an ATTITUDE – I call any discussion about Maude as “Maudness!”

This collage was created using Collage Maker 3.7 – software I purchased from Galleria Software.  However, there are LOTS of free software packages you can download to create collages.  Just do a Google search for “collage maker” and see the many selections available. HOWEVER, as Circe Denyer was tell you, free downloads can also bring in lots of free bad stuff you have to then HIRE someone to remove from your computer. I played it safe and purchased my collage making software as I make many, many collages. is a GREAT place to do ALL sorts of amazing things with photos of your cats. I’ll do a post about LunaPic with examples soon!




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