Cat Postage Stamps

Look at this cute cat 49 cent postage stamp.

cat samp

It is on a site called But I don’t know if it’s a REAL postage stamp. So I decided to research cat stamps, and I found a lot of choices and places to get postage stamps featuring our lovable felines. Here are a few:


Amazon has quite a few postage stamps with cat images – mostly for stamp collectors.

amazon cat postage stamps amazon2


On there are hundreds of cat stamps.  How one could pick from among them is beyond me.  But the choice is seemingly unlimited. Here are just a few:

I Heart Cats Stamp
I Heart Cats Stamp by ironydesigns
Browse I heart cats Stamps online at

Here is one you can even customize!

To see them all, go to and search for “Postage Stamps with Cat Images” and hold on to your seat.

Collectable Stamp Gallery

Lots of cute cat stamps at the Collectable Stamp Gallery.  Here is a snapshot of one of the pages:

collectable stamp gallery

So, if the very first image on this post isn’t a legitimate postage stamp, there are hundreds and hundreds more that are. Take your pick.



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