Cat Themed Items for the Home

If you are like me, you love having cat-themed items in your home.

Collge of Cats In Waiting from Ulster Weaver

Ulster Weaver’s Cats In Waiting Collection available on Amazon


But, like me, you may not have enough SPACE for all that cat-theme stuff. Well, one way  I combat that problem is to acquire what I call FUNCTIONAL CAT items. Things that are USEFUL around the house.

One of my absolute favorite creators of amazing, functional cat items for the home is Ulster Weavers. Ltd.  Ulster Weavers Ltd. is a home textiles company based in Northern Ireland. In 1995 Ulster Weavers was awarded a Royal Warrant as suppliers of kitchen textiles to Queen Elizabeth II, a mark of excellence which is only bestowed upon companies who have been providing goods or services to the Royal Household for more than five years.

And lucky for us, not only are these items available on Amazon, there are several designs sporting cats. The largest of which is called ” Cats In Waiting“- pictured above in the collage.

Of course, any of these items make great gifts for the cat lovers in your life!  I no longer go through the hustle and bustle of traditional holiday shopping.  I made that decision last year when It cost me over $75.00 to ship four boxes of gifts to friends and family.  While the items I shipped I got for fantastic prices earlier in the year,  in the end, those “bargain gifts” cost me more because of the cost of shipping and my time and effort in wrapping, packing and hauling the items to the post office.  And standing in line at the post office is not on my list of fun things to do. ESPECIALLY during the holidays!

Those days are OVER!

I do Amazon now.  They will wrap, tuck in note, and ship for you at a fraction of what it would cost me in time and labor to do it myself. When I use the Amazon Visa card, I get 3% back on my purchases, which show up as credits I can apply to my shopping cart.  Way cool. Way convenient.

I’ll be creating a few more posts showcasing the extraordinary cat themed items available through Ulster Weavers.

Classy and FUNCTIONAL cat stuff for the home!




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