Cat Videos

Cat Videos – Immortalize your cat(s) by creating videos of them.

Cat Videos


Thanks to the inexpensive, accessible and easy of modern gadgets – it is easy to capture photos and videos of our precious cats for keeps.

An absolutely amazing site for creating eye-popping videos with music and animations is Animoto. You can create a 30 second videdo FOR FREE!. 

The video above I put together of Wilson playing with Tissues. This was shot with a FLIP camera (no longer made but the cousin to it is the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera – Black – costing around $170 or so dollars. The beauty of these cameras is they have a USB plug that goes right into your computer.  It is so easy to use, and the quality of the video is, well, see for yourself.

cat videos using Kodak camera



I popped the footage of Willy playing with tissues into a film editing software I have called Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6 (but the free Windows Movie Maker or the Mac Equivalent would work just fine too). I muted my cooing because, quite frankly, it is embarrassing, and added some heartfelt lullaby type music to really wax the tenderness. The music was from one of the many royalty free music tracks from VideoBlocks. I inserted transitions between the 4 segments, of clips for smoothness and published. I think you’ll like the results. I have NO videos like this of ANY of my previous cats. And I sure wish I did.


If you choose to watch this little video in YouTube, you’ll notice that it says, “third party content identified.” This is not a terrible thing. One isn’t going to get in trouble. All YouTube does is provide a link to the music track so if one happens to really like the music, they can buy it – and YouTube, of course, the artists and YouTube make money. They like to make money! I wanted to share that little piece of insight with you because I am often asked about copyright violations on YouTube. By in large, with music, YouTube won’t sue you. They’ll either remove your video, or they’ll notify you that 3rd party content has been identified, which means they have provided a link for listeners to acquire the music track.

I encourage you to take the capturing of precious memories of your kitties by combining those photos and video clips into a video that truly showcases the unique personality and your love of your cat.



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