Cat Wind Spinners

The San Francisco Kite Company has cat wind spinners that will make your head spin in delight!


Cat wind Spinners


Just returned from spending almost 2 weeks in San Francisco. My friend’s son and daughter-in-law had their first child, my friend’s first grandbaby. So, she spent lots of time with the grandbaby while I spent lots of time enjoying the sights and sounds of San Francisco – especially the Sutro area.

One night we went to dinner at Pier 39 and walked on over to the Fisherman’s wharf where the explosive colors of the San Francisco Kite store lured us in. And, of course, what did my eyes land on first? The CAT WIND SPINNERS! They come in various motifs and sizes, all purrrfectly delightful.  I just about went nuts looking at these things. DARLING!!!! The store also has cat-themed  kites and streamers.


cat wind spinners 2

I am in a townhome with small patio and even smaller patch of dirt to place one of these jewels. I MIGHT be able fit the smallest of these spinners. So I’m saving up my pennies to perhaps purchase one when we return to San Francisco later this year.

If you’ve got the garden and budget you may want to brighten it with one of these cat wind spinners.  These would make GREAT gifts!  I’d just be bowled over in delight if I opened a box and one of these spinners was in it!  OMG! Snoopy dance time!



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