TGIF Dancing Cats Video

Put together this short video of cats celebrating the happiest day of the week! FRIDAY! ***************** Get the TGIF Cat TEE!

Cucumbers Scare Cats

These cats don’t care too much for cucumbers. I’m not fond of cucumbers either.  But they don’t scare me as much as they do these cats.  This is a very funny video with over 2 million hits. Enjoy!   Cucumbers … Continue reading

CatWows on Pinterest

Enjoy my Catwows photos and videos on the Pinterest Board. Follow Linnaea’s board Cat Wows on Pinterest.

Meet a Loveable Black Kitty

Meet a Loveable Black Kitty named “Boo Boo Kitty” Boo Boo kitty is this small female feline that owns my brother-in-law in Vermont. I’ve always enjoyed the company of black cats – almost every one I’ve been is very friendly. … Continue reading

The Carnival Kitty

Oh, I really wanted that carnival kitty!  

Darling Mother’s Day Cat Video

Here is a darling Mother’s Day cat video featuring mom cats and her kittens. Enjoy!

The Cat Purr

Little is as soothing as the sound of a cat purring. I did a post on the Hearing Loss Tips site about tinnitus and provided a link to a sound mixer available via the American Tinnitus Association site*. The sound … Continue reading

Meet Angel-Kitty

Meet Angel-Kitty Denyer-Daniels, owned by Tristan and Marci in the San Francisco area.   Just after Tristan and Marci got out of the Navy in the summer of 2005 they went to the shelter in Edwardsville, IL to get two … Continue reading

Expensive Cat Toys – Why Bother?

You are in a pet supply store. There they are. Expensive cat toys! They look so enticing. Those cat toys! How can any cat resist these cat toys?  Mine can!  And I’ve heard scores of stories from other cat owners about their … Continue reading

Cute Cat Video for Vacationing Parents

If it wasn’t hard enough to leave my cat behind as we left for our annual trip to Vermont…. My business partner Circe Denyer and fellow cat lover taking care of our cat Wilson took a few photos and video with … Continue reading

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