TGIF Cat 8.29.14

I think these little grey tabby kittens are jumping for joy that IT IS FRIDAY!

I Hate Monday Cat for Monday 8.25.14

I Hate Monday Cat for Monday 8.25.14

TGIF Cat 8.15.14

The Carnival Kitty

Oh, I really wanted that carnival kitty!  

Cute Cat Stuff I Resisted Buying

Cute cat stuff I resisted buying because I’d run out of space and money if I did! The Cabazon Outlet mall near Palm Springs is amazing! SO many stores! But most are clothing stores. Claire’s has always been one of … Continue reading

Darling Mother’s Day Cat Video

Here is a darling Mother’s Day cat video featuring mom cats and her kittens. Enjoy!

May the 4th Be With You Cat Darth Vader

Here is another tribute from Cat Wows in honor of the National Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you! Update:  Someone enlightened me that this is a BAT CAT! Not Darth Vader! Oops!

May The 4th Be With You Kitten

May 4th is National Star Wars Day!     I was at a meeting on Thursday night and a group of us were talking about an upcoming conference that has Star Wars as the theme. Some one said, “it’s sort … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Cat E-card Greetings

Double the fun of St. Patrick’s Day by creating St. Patrick’s Day cat e-card greetings. Jib Jab St. Patrick’s Day e-card greetings I just love Jib Jab. For so little money you can create the most delightful e-cards showcasing your … Continue reading

The Cat Purr

Little is as soothing as the sound of a cat purring. I did a post on the Hearing Loss Tips site about tinnitus and provided a link to a sound mixer available via the American Tinnitus Association site*. The sound … Continue reading

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