May The 4th Be With You Kitten

May 4th is National Star Wars Day!     I was at a meeting on Thursday night and a group of us were talking about an upcoming conference that has Star Wars as the theme. Some one said, “it’s sort … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Cat E-card Greetings

Double the fun of St. Patrick’s Day by creating St. Patrick’s Day cat e-card greetings. Jib Jab St. Patrick’s Day e-card greetings I just love Jib Jab. For so little money you can create the most delightful e-cards showcasing your … Continue reading

The Cat Purr

Little is as soothing as the sound of a cat purring. I did a post on the Hearing Loss Tips site about tinnitus and provided a link to a sound mixer available via the American Tinnitus Association site*. The sound … Continue reading

Cat Wind Spinners

The San Francisco Kite Company has cat wind spinners that will make your head spin in delight!     Just returned from spending almost 2 weeks in San Francisco. My friend’s son and daughter-in-law had their first child, my friend’s … Continue reading

Meet Angel-Kitty

Meet Angel-Kitty Denyer-Daniels, owned by Tristan and Marci in the San Francisco area.   Just after Tristan and Marci got out of the Navy in the summer of 2005 they went to the shelter in Edwardsville, IL to get two … Continue reading

Cat Mascot for Hearing Loss

Meet Holly the cat mascot for hearing loss Here it is. Evidence I wasn’t lying about the fact that I was writing a book and the reason for not posting for almost 2 months.  My book about hearing loss is finally done, published, … Continue reading

Take a Cat Nap

When all else fails, take a Cat Nap! I took over  a month off from blogging due to the intense focus required to complete my second book, which is about hearing loss.  It is well underway and I the Cat … Continue reading

Cat Sancturary

More than 700 cats and kittens and several dogs enjoy life at The Cat House on the Kings, a no-cage, no-kill shelter.   Founded by Lynea Lattanzio –  it wasn’t something she planned; it was the gradual unfolding of events … Continue reading

Cat Therapy

Cats are good for our emotional and physical health.  I call it Cat Therapy. Look at the face of that kitty!  This is Angel – she owns a lovely couple that live in the Bay Area in California.  Can you … Continue reading

Capes for Cats

Just before Halloween I did a post about costumes for cats, and wondered if cats enjoy being dressed up. Then a friend of mine posted a photo of her two cats sporting what I thought were Halloween costumes.  Comfortable Halloween … Continue reading

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