Showcase your Kitty with Animoto

Here is a video I created using photos and a video my business partner took of her kitty named Maude:   This was created almost effortlessly with Animoto. I learned about Animoto at a marketing event, and I’ve been using … Continue reading

Cat Collages

Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.  – Pat Brown   Meet Maude. She owns PC Technician Circe Denyer.  Maude just LOVES to make it very difficult for Circe to work at … Continue reading

Cat Videos

Cat Videos – Immortalize your cat(s) by creating videos of them.   Thanks to the inexpensive, accessible and easy of modern gadgets – it is easy to capture photos and videos of our precious cats for keeps. An absolutely amazing … Continue reading

Wordle your Kitty

Wordle your kitty – what does THAT mean?     There is  fantastic word cloud creator, free, on line called Wordle where you can create an ENDLESS amount and variety of word clouds.  What I did was compile a list of … Continue reading

Mothers Day eCard Video of Dancing with your Cat

Yes. You can create it! And it is MUCH easier than you think!   Mothers Day ecard Video of Dancing with your cat OR of your mom dancing with her cat will be an ecard she’ll never forget! You can … Continue reading

Creating Facebook Timeline Cover Image of Your Cat

Creating Facebook Timeline Cover image of your cat is a great way to show case your four-legged love!   Creating Facebook Timeline Cover image of your cat is easy. This is Wilson as the Cat Wows cover image on Facebook. … Continue reading

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