Cats in Boxes

Cats in boxes shares a variety of images  of our irresistibly cute felines in boxes.

cats in boxes

 Cats in boxes? What is it about that?  I put a box out and in Nano seconds my cat is in it.

While preparing for this post I found some interesting sites about cats in boxes.
“21 Lessons You Can Learn from Cats in Boxes” not only has 21 darling images, but they are animated too.

Cat sin Boxes - Maru

Here is a site with some cute photos. It is for a post titled,  “Best Top 10 images of cats in boxes.”

But, my vote for cutest cat in boxes goes to Maru – a featured YouTube channel.  Maru is one funny cat with an unbelievable personality.  Here is one of my favorites called “Maru In Box Box,” which has over 9,000,000 views! Yes, that is how cute Maru is!







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