Creating Facebook Timeline Cover Image of Your Cat

Creating Facebook Timeline Cover image of your cat is a great way to show case your four-legged love!


Creating Facebook Timeline Cover image of your cat is easy. This is Wilson as the Cat Wows cover image on Facebook. I created the image using PowerPoint  (see post of 4.28.13 with Segmund Freud quote) and then resized it (according to Facebook dimensions (at time of this posting timeline image size was 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall) using a free image editing tool called IRFANVIEW. It is a wonderful tool. I use it to quickly crop, resize and optimizes  images for social media. What I mean by optimized for social media is this:  many social media sites have limits as to not only size of an image but the  Kilobytes (kb) too.  Infranview has a plug in (also free) to save “image for the web.”
Beam Me Up

Below is an image of Maude – who owns EasyBytes creator Circe Denyer. I opened it in Irfanview and selected “save for web.” Below is a shot of the dialog box that pops up.  On the left the image is 461,838 bytes! yikes!  But on the right we see that the image optimized is a mere 19,180 bytes and the image quality is almost identical.  If a person were to take the 19,180 KiB image and make it large, it would be very grainy, which is the advantage of large KiB images.  But for most web postings, the ability to blow up an image and have it sharp is not an issue


Creating FB TImeline Image of your Cat


It may take some experimenting to get the image to appear exactly as you wish, but when you’ve done it once, it is a snap to do it again.

Have fun!




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