Darling Cat Watches and Free Money

I couldn’t resist this darling watch on a site called Florence Scoval


I try to abide by my adage to not spend money I don’t have on things I don’t need

However, this was just too good to pass up. Not only because of how cute the watch is, but because of the incredible commission this vendor offers to affiliates! If someone purchases anything from the Florence Scoval site using the links in this post, they get 15% off their purchase, and I receive 50% of commission.   50%!  That’s a lot of free money.

Here’s another cute watch I was tempted to buy:


These watches are not expensive, at least not while on sale. The first watch is $16.00 and the second on is  $9.95. Shipping cheap too.   I would guess the purchaser is then offered the same opportunity I am taking advantage of  – 50% commission as an affiliate.

I think it is a purrrfect way to get cute cat jewelry and free money too.  Do you know a mom that might enjoy receiving these watches as gifts?  I do!

To visit the store, click here.


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