Expensive Cat Toys – Why Bother?

You are in a pet supply store. There they are. Expensive cat toys!

 Image of a pet store supply of expensive cat toys

Expensive Cat Toys Galore!

They look so enticing. Those cat toys! How can any cat resist these cat toys?  Mine can!  And I’ve heard scores of stories from other cat owners about their cats not appreciating the hard earned money plopped down on those expensive cat toys. Cats just sniff, maybe bat at the cat toys a couple times, and walk away.  What a waste of money!  “Never again!” I say to myself.

cat toys

A while back I was in a pet supply store and my eye caught sight of these really cool “cubes” with holes on all four sides. “Wow, Willy would LOVE that!” I thought to myself.   I paid something like $22.00 for the expensive cat toy – the cube – and brought it home.

Result?  See for yourself!

YouTube cover image of my cat ignorning his  cat toy - the cube.


Fortunately, I was able to return it and get my money back.  “Never again!” I said. So far I’ve held to that promise to myself.

My cat loves the simple things.  Boxes.  Paperclips on a string.  Laser toy (which you can get at a 99 cent store for $1.00) and grocery bags.  Boy does Willy love grocery bags.  And now he has the mother-of-all-grocery-bags which I call “the nest.”

I recent purchased a printer and the packaging it came in had this super thick woven paper-bag like snakes.  I grabbed one of those and wrapped it around Willy’s current favorite grocery bag.  Whoa! Willy goes into an altered state when he’s in his paper bag nest. Here are a couple of snapshots I took with my camera.  Darling? Yes. and the best part? It didn’t cost a dime! (well, the printer cost more than a dime…)

Image of my cat in a paper bag nest created with package stuffing - vs  expensive cat toys

Willy in his “nest” – an inexpensive cat toy!









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