Favorite Cat YouTube Videos

Favorite Cat YouTube Videos – where do we begin?


Favorite Cat YouTube Videos include this kitty that seems to drink his water by sticking his head under a running faucet.  Classic video.  I’ve NEVER owned a cat who tolerated water. YouTube has many videos of cats who seem to like water.
Some cat breeds enjoy water! YouTube shows videos of cats pawing water from bowls, swimming in the bathtub or shower – even joining you in the pool! I’m guessing fat yellow tabby cats are not among the breeds!


In my book, “Read My Lips Tips for Success” I present 23 tips that helped me get through some pretty serious adversity in my life, including a physical disability – impaired hearing.  One of the tips is to look at images and pictures that inspire you or make you laugh.  YouTube videos of cats is a ready source of welcomed laughter and relief when feeling stressed!

Favorite Cat YOuTube Videos







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