Free Cat Screensavers – Jackie Lawson

Free Cat Screensavers – Jackie Lawson tops as some of the most beautiful.

Free Cat Screensavers - Jackie Lawson

If you like screensavers, and you love cats (you must or you wouldn’t be on this site) then you must avail yourself to the handful of magnificent screensavers, free, from the Jackie Lawson ecard site. The ecards are not free, but the screensavers are. And they are beyond delightful.

The subscription to access the magnificent assortment of ecards (many of which do sport cats) is just $12.00 a year.  The site has provided a code that shows a sample of an ecard each month. It may not be a cat at the time you see this, but if you are unfamiliar with Jackie’s cards, you will be, quite frankly, blown away.

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

Here is some history about the card’s creator taken from the site:

“Jacquie originally trained as an illustrator at St. Martin’s School of Art, and has over twenty years’ experience of working freelance in many areas of drawing, painting and design, including architectural perspectives, book illustration, and cartoons. In the autumn of 2000 Jacquie created her first animated e-card – the “Christmas Cottage” e-card which is still available from these pages – and sent it to a few friends by e-mail. Over the subsequent weeks she was amazed to receive e-mails from hundreds of people all over the world who had received the e-card from friends.

During 2001 Jacquie drew a few more e-cards, and in November a simple website was created to show off her work and allow people to download the e-cards. In December the “Snowdog” e-card was added to the collection, and the website simply could not cope with the demand. A proper e-cards service was set up and launched in February 2002, and the site has gone from strength to strength ever since.”

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