Free Downloads

Below are posts that contain free downloads.   Enjoy!

Create eye-popping videos of your kitty for free

Showcase Your Kitty Using Animoto has a 5 page PDF document extracted from a 33 page work book on creating videos.  You can create eye-popping 30 second videos, with music , for free!  You can view an example video on this blog post.

Blue Mountain greeting cards

Blue Mountain has beautiful cat calendar wallpaper you can download for your computer.  Access the calendar download page here.

Public Domain

A fantastic site is Public Domain Pictures (PDP.)  Here images are available to download for free. The free versions are small and low resolution. BUT, for $5.99, you can download 100 large high resolution versions of the photos.  A large high resolution image means it can be blown up to a large size (like blog wallpaper background) and still be in focus. Search “cats” and enjoy your selection.

All Free Download

Post about all free download and what to watch for as you gather your free cat images.

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