Google Play Free Cat Phone Apps

If you have an Android phone, love cats and love free, you are going to LOVE Google Play cat apps!

Image of Google Play Free Cat Phone Apps

HUGE selection of cat apps for Android – most of them free

Yes, the image above is a screen shot at 25% zoom to display the many Google Play cat apps for the Android phone.  And MOST of them are free!

I was already familiar with Talking Tom. but I had NO idea there were so MANY cat themed apps out there!  I had to play, of course. So I downloaded the “Cat Licking Screen” screensaver. It was shamefully easy. I clicked the “download” button, picked my phone type (from the drop down) and the app showed up in seconds on my phone!!! (Google is the owner of the Android Operating system on the Android phones) Went to the wall papers section on the phone and there it was to click and activate. Sinfully easy. And SO FUN! I have no idea how much this drains the resources on my phone. But for a while, I’m going to enjoy this darling kitty licking my screen!


image of Cat Licking Screen Screensaver from Google Play

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