Halloween Cats Wallpaper, Screensavers and eCards

I love the art of Halloween. Especially the ones with cats!

Image of BlueMountain Halloween Cat Talking ecard

In my post about dressing up as a cat for Halloween, I confessed I prefer simple costumes over complex ones. But when it comes to graphics?  The whole gamut surprises and delights me.  In this post I share just a few of the MANY sources available to grab Halloween themed images with cats.


Blue Mountain is one of my favorite sources for ecards.  Especially the TALKING ecards. The image pictured above is a screenshot of the talking e-card.  You type in your message and then pick a voice – and presto! Your Halloween cat talks saying a message in YOUR words. Great fun!

Blue Mountain has many Halloween cards you can choose from.  Some are free, but the more elaborate animated cards, such as the talking e-cards, does require a subscription. But a one month subscription ($3.99) is less than a fancy paper card – and you can send as many as you want.

Google Play Halloween Cat Screensavers

Google play has an assortment of *free* Screensavers for the Android and Iphone you can enjoy during the season.

 Screen shot of GooglePlay Halloween Cat Screensavers

Halloween Cat Wallpaper and Clip Art

Thanks to a site called Band of Cats, there are numerous links to resources to grab Halloween cat Wallpaper and Clip art.  Why recreate the wheel!  Enjoy the resources this site has so diligently assembled for us cat lovers!

Jib Jab has a huge assortment of fun Halloween-themed animated cards – many of contain a cat.  What I Like to do is add my cat as a head in an animated video.  That always gets good laughs. Cat or no cat, these JibJab cards are among the favorites to those I send greetings.

Image of a jib jab card with my cat head in image

Here is a jib jab card featuring my husband, Wilson my cat, and me

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