Meet Angel-Kitty

Meet Angel-Kitty Denyer-Daniels, owned by Tristan and Marci in the San Francisco area.



Just after Tristan and Marci got out of the Navy in the summer of 2005 they went to the shelter in Edwardsville, IL to get two kitties.  Angel was 10 months old. She looked like a sickly kitten then. She doesn’t look that way now! She spent two weeks behind the coach when they brought her home.

Angel’s name was changed to “Kitty” right away. But somehow, the name Angel keeps surfacing, at least for me. That is how she was first introduced to me via photos. So that name has stuck. But Tristan and Marci changed her name to “Kitty” because she responded to that. She did not respond to the name “Angel.”
After meeting her in person I can see why “Angel” doesn’t fit her. While she’s absolutely adorable, she is not a cuddly cat. In fact, if you get within 2 feet from her the tail starts twitching; push it and she’ll hiss. Touch her? Only if you dare! She does have good moments…I was actually able to scratch her ears! The family was shocked.

The second cat, “ACE,” will be featured in another post. Recently Angel-Kitty and Ace acquired a new roommate – Tristan and Marci’s baby boy. Angel-Kitty is earning her wings by guarding the newborn to make sure he stays safe.

Here is a little video created with ANIMOTO showcasing Angel-Kitty. When she hisses or meows, one side of her lip gets stuck on her tooth, giving her the appearance of a true grumpy cat. Enjoy!


Meet Angel-Kitty

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