Meet CoCo

Meet CoCo, a beautiful manx kitty.

Lisa Andrews, life coach and member of one of the Toastmaster clubs I belong to shared this delightful story about how  her tail-less kitty named CoCo (initally  named “Sugar”)  came into her life.  With her permission I am sharing it here.  I’ve met CoCo and was present when this magnificent photo was taken.

photograph of a beautiful manx kitty named CoCo

Meet CoCo

Years ago, my ‘girly’ daughter was suddenly drawn to the greasy dust-laden mechanics shed at our farm, with the intent of caring for infant kittens born days earlier. Her weekends quickly became designated for the little creatures and soon the four kittens and she grew deeply attached.

Not surprising, she began petitioning to bring at least one of them home, yet we already had two cats too many, in my estimation. A year earlier we had never owned a cat and suddenly we were in the cat adoption business.

Back at the farm, three of the greasy little clawed angels had been snatched up by the mechanics and all that remained was *“Sugar” (now “CoCo”)  aptly named for her white matted fur. I went to see her for myself and instantly understood why my daughter couldn’t bear to leave her in that cobweb infested place, left alone for who knows what.

I held that adorable little ball of grime as she slept peacefully in a washcloth in the palm of my hand all the way home. I too fell in love and upon arrival it was straight away to the bath; two consecutive baths to be clear. It was hard to believe that so much grease and filth could be drawn out of such a tiny, innocent little creature but when we were finished she was pure white beatific fluff. (Imagine my daughter’s surprise when she came home that day.)


The insight Lisa attached to this charming story is this:

Isn’t it true that there can be no greater joy for us than to be loved, valued and esteemed in all of our blemish and imperfection and to be cherished deeply for some incalculable reason? Is it hard to believe that you were made for that very purpose? Sometimes, often times, it takes the spirit of a child to exemplify the very heart and eyes of God.


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