Mothers Day Cat Video

Have you seen the Mothers Day Cat Video on YouTube?

This Mothers Day Cat Video is of a mom cat drawing a little kitten having a bad dream close to her heart for comfort.  This video says it all about being a mom – protective – caring – and nurturing. Enjoy and share the love!



Does your mom own a cat?  How about gathering about 10 photos of that kitty and creating an Animoto video? There are lots of templates to choose from. There is music.  If could even take video clips your mom’s cat with your cell phone and insert them into the Animoto video.  You can pick the music too!   It’s easy, simply awesome, and VERY impressive.  You can create a 30 second video for FREE!  I’ve used animoto to create many Words of Wisdom Videos that can be seen on the Read My Lips Tips for Success YouTube Channel.


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