Mothers Day eCard Video of Dancing with your Cat

Yes. You can create it! And it is MUCH easier than you think!


Mothers Day ecard Video of Dancing with your cat OR of your mom dancing with her cat will be an ecard she’ll never forget! You can create such a card using  Funny eCards at JibJab


JibJab is a delightfully funny place to create your own ecards or using one of their man pre-made cards. I’ve used JibJab now for 3 years.  In this video, I uploaded a picture of Wilson’s head and my head, tweaked them using JibJab’s easy on-line tools so they fit in the templates –  and then dragged the heads into the video of my choice.   It is so easy. JibJab provides the music and fun. You then can post the card on Facebook, email it, or for $1.99 have a download of the video sent to you so you can KEEP the video in your repository of great videos. That is what I did.  That is how I was able to upload it to my own YouTube channel. Check out Jib Jab and enjoy the many ways you can create hysterical videos featuring your (or another’s ) kitty!  I created a series of Christmas video e-cards for friends last year. They were a HUGE hit.   If you’ve got a great sense of humor and love to play, add JibJab to your sandbox!

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