Angel Cat Book

Angel Cat Book Angel cat book?  Yes. I one as a most delightful surprise over the weekend.  A colleague and SERIOUS cat lover from my UCLA days sent me as a retirement gift  a book titled Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of … Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day Wishes Featuring Cats

Happy Mothers Day Wishes Featuring Cats   Happy Mothers Day wishes featuring cats are SO easy to create. This image is, of course, of Wilson!  This darling animated .gif was created using the a fantastic on-line *free” image editing site called Lunapic. You upload … Continue reading

Wordle your Kitty

Wordle your kitty – what does THAT mean?     There is  fantastic word cloud creator, free, on line called Wordle where you can create an ENDLESS amount and variety of word clouds.  What I did was compile a list of … Continue reading


Catnip – something my Wilson (aka Willy)  just LOVES. But it has to be the good stuff.           That “granulated” catnip you often find in the pet supply section of a grocery store won’t do for my … Continue reading

Mothers Day eCard Video of Dancing with your Cat

Yes. You can create it! And it is MUCH easier than you think!   Mothers Day ecard Video of Dancing with your cat OR of your mom dancing with her cat will be an ecard she’ll never forget! You can … Continue reading

Creating Facebook Timeline Cover Image of Your Cat

Creating Facebook Timeline Cover image of your cat is a great way to show case your four-legged love!   Creating Facebook Timeline Cover image of your cat is easy. This is Wilson as the Cat Wows cover image on Facebook. … Continue reading

Welcome to Cat Wows!

If you love cats, this site will WOW you. The only refuge from the miseries of life are music and cats. – Albert Schweitzer I love cats. I’ve owned at least one cat ALL of my life. Anything that has … Continue reading

Words of Wisdom about Cats by Sigmund Freud

Words of Wisdom about Cats by Sigmund Freud is the first of many quotes about cats on cat images I will be creating for Cat Wows. Words of Wisdom about Cats by Sigmund Freud are words I surely agree with!!  Dr. Freud’s words are … Continue reading

Mothers Day Cat Video

Have you seen the Mothers Day Cat Video on YouTube? This Mothers Day Cat Video is of a mom cat drawing a little kitten having a bad dream close to her heart for comfort.  This video says it all about being a mom … Continue reading

Favorite Cat YouTube Videos

Favorite Cat YouTube Videos – where do we begin?     Favorite Cat YouTube Videos include this kitty that seems to drink his water by sticking his head under a running faucet.  Classic video.  I’ve NEVER owned a cat who tolerated … Continue reading

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