St. Patrick’s Day Cat E-card Greetings

Double the fun of St. Patrick’s Day by creating St. Patrick’s Day cat e-card greetings.

Jib Jab St. Patrick’s Day e-card greetings

I just love Jib Jab. For so little money you can create the most delightful e-cards showcasing your cat!  I have a page on this site devoted to Jib Jab greetings. All but one of the images in the gallery above were created from Jib Jab.  I created a video featuring my cat, Wilson

St. Patrick's Day Jib Jab Card Featuring My Cat

My cat is the featured character in this Jib Jab St. Patrick’s Day video.


Blue Mountain St. Patrick’s Day e-card Greetings

What I love MOST about Blue Mountain Greetings is the talking e-cards. Not just any talk, YOU tell the character what to say!  unfortunately, Blue mountain does not yet have the feature like Jib Jab where you can download the talking e-card, but I have sent that recommendation to them.

As you can tell from the screen shot below, you can add up to 600 characters of text that the cute cat will speak – and speak in the vernacular you choose.  I’ve had SO much fun with these greeting cards. Recipients get SUCH a kick out of a cat talking and saying something totally personal and unique to them.

St. Patrick's Day Cat E-card Greetings

You can have this little kitty say anything – and in the voice you choose!

As the Jib Jab page suggests, be unforgettable by creating and sending an e-card that has all the unforgettable elements:
1) Unusual
2) Uncharacteristic
3) Unexpected

Happy St. Patrick’s day to you and your kitty!

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