Cats in Costumes

It is that time of the year.  Halloween.  I imagine for most cats, it is a dreaded time of the year. Why? Because they must endure wearing costumes.  My cat, Wilson, would NEVER wear a costume for a minute. If … Continue reading

Meet CoCo

Meet CoCo, a beautiful manx kitty. Lisa Andrews, life coach and member of one of the Toastmaster clubs I belong to shared this delightful story about how  her tail-less kitty named CoCo (initally  named “Sugar”)  came into her life.  With her … Continue reading

Cat YouTube Videos – Maru

Cat YouTube  – Videos Maru     Maru is a very popular cat on YouTube.  He is a male Scottish Fold kitty who lives in Japan and owns a very lucky person.   You’ll see text in Japanese and in English. Maru’s … Continue reading

Awesome Cat Images from IMSI Masterclips

Awesome Cat Images can be found in the IMSI Masterclip collections This post is good news for those of you who have older operating systems.  The IMSI Masterclips collection comes with several CDs that have hundreds and hundreds of images on them. … Continue reading

Cats in Boxes

Cats in boxes shares a variety of images  of our irresistibly cute felines in boxes.  Cats in boxes? What is it about that?  I put a box out and in Nano seconds my cat is in it. While preparing for this … Continue reading

Free Cat Screensavers – Jackie Lawson

Free Cat Screensavers – Jackie Lawson tops as some of the most beautiful. If you like screensavers, and you love cats (you must or you wouldn’t be on this site) then you must avail yourself to the handful of magnificent screensavers, … Continue reading

Free Cat Images – Part 1

All Free Download is a delightful resource for free cat images. All free download is a meta search engine that gathers all other free resource into one location.  It makes it easy to find and download  images that you can … Continue reading

Cats Do Not Like the 4th of July

Cats do not like the 4th of July. Not only because they may be subject to being dressed up – but because of the noise of the fireworks.  Cats may be independent, but…. 4th of July – Independence Day. Given how … Continue reading

The Cat Came Back Song

One of my favorite folk songs I’ve sang at many parties is The Cat Came Back But the cat came back the very next day. Yes, the cat came back. They thought he was gone. But the cat came back. … Continue reading

Cat Image Resources

Something I just LOVE doing is creating my own greeting cards. (I use the Hallmark software) and using, of course, cat images. The Hallmark software comes with cat images, yes, but I like having my own HUGE selection! Here are some great resources … Continue reading

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