Presidential Debates Cat

Presidential Debate Cats

The only thing I hate more than Monday are Presidential Debates! Our favorite felines grumbling about the beginning of the work week. MONDAY. They might make you smile. Image Source: Public Domain ********************** I hate Mondays t-shirt for those … Continue reading

Expensive Cat Toys – Why Bother?

You are in a pet supply store. There they are. Expensive cat toys! They look so enticing. Those cat toys! How can any cat resist these cat toys?  Mine can!  And I’ve heard scores of stories from other cat owners about their … Continue reading

Cat Quote Challenged by a Cat Phone App

I’m trying to translate what my cat says and put it in a book, but how many homonyms are there for meow?
 -Jarod Kintz Not too long ago I would have understood and agreed with Mr. Kintz’s quote. But not … Continue reading

Google Play Free Cat Phone Apps

If you have an Android phone, love cats and love free, you are going to LOVE Google Play cat apps! Yes, the image above is a screen shot at 25% zoom to display the many Google Play cat apps for … Continue reading

Talking Tom Free Android Phone App

Talking Tom Free Android Phone App is nothing short of DELIGHTFUL!     I should also call this the electronic babysitter. When I visit my nieces and take out my phone and activate my two *free* Talking Tom apps, the … Continue reading

Cats in Boxes

Cats in boxes shares a variety of images  of our irresistibly cute felines in boxes.  Cats in boxes? What is it about that?  I put a box out and in Nano seconds my cat is in it. While preparing for this … Continue reading

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