Darling Gifts for Cat Lovers Primitives by Kathy

If looking for an inexpensive yet Darling Gift for Cat Lovers, you might find delightful solutions with the box signs created by Primitives by Kathy. Available on Amazon for under $10.00. What I appreciate about Amazon is they will pack … Continue reading

Cat Wind Spinners

The San Francisco Kite Company has cat wind spinners that will make your head spin in delight!     Just returned from spending almost 2 weeks in San Francisco. My friend’s son and daughter-in-law had their first child, my friend’s … Continue reading

Cat Themed Items for the Home

If you are like me, you love having cat-themed items in your home.   But, like me, you may not have enough SPACE for all that cat-theme stuff. Well, one way  I combat that problem is to acquire what I … Continue reading

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