Monday Halloween Cat

Cat in pumpkin that looks like a VW bus

I’d smile if it wasn’t Monday. Happy Cat-O-Ween from Catwows! Image source:  Pinterest   ************************************ Happy  Cat-o-ween Tee! Two styles of shirt for this Halloween costume design. Tagless tee and Bella Canvas Premium –  we want your shirt to be intensely black.  … Continue reading

Black Cat Halloween Costume

Halloween Cat

 Whether past, or present, my favorite Halloween costume is that of a cat. I like the cat costume option because there is such a wide range of how far you can go to dress up like a cat. You can … Continue reading

Halloween Cats Wallpaper, Screensavers and eCards

I love the art of Halloween. Especially the ones with cats! In my post about dressing up as a cat for Halloween, I confessed I prefer simple costumes over complex ones. But when it comes to graphics?  The whole gamut surprises … Continue reading

Be a Cat for Halloween

As I’ve gotten older I Halloween doesn’t excite me much. But one thing for sure, whether past, or present, my favorite costume is that of a cat.  For obvious reasons…! I like the cat costume option because there is such … Continue reading

Cats in Costumes

It is that time of the year.  Halloween.  I imagine for most cats, it is a dreaded time of the year. Why? Because they must endure wearing costumes.  My cat, Wilson, would NEVER wear a costume for a minute. If … Continue reading

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