The Cat Purr

Little is as soothing as the sound of a cat purring. I did a post on the Hearing Loss Tips site about tinnitus and provided a link to a sound mixer available via the American Tinnitus Association site*. The sound … Continue reading

Showcase your Kitty with Animoto

Here is a video I created using photos and a video my business partner took of her kitty named Maude:   This was created almost effortlessly with Animoto. I learned about Animoto at a marketing event, and I’ve been using … Continue reading

Cute Cat Video for Vacationing Parents

If it wasn’t hard enough to leave my cat behind as we left for our annual trip to Vermont…. My business partner Circe Denyer and fellow cat lover taking care of our cat Wilson took a few photos and video with … Continue reading

Cat YouTube Videos – Maru

Cat YouTube  – Videos Maru     Maru is a very popular cat on YouTube.  He is a male Scottish Fold kitty who lives in Japan and owns a very lucky person.   You’ll see text in Japanese and in English. Maru’s … Continue reading

Cats in Boxes

Cats in boxes shares a variety of images  of our irresistibly cute felines in boxes.  Cats in boxes? What is it about that?  I put a box out and in Nano seconds my cat is in it. While preparing for this … Continue reading

Cats Do Not Like the 4th of July

Cats do not like the 4th of July. Not only because they may be subject to being dressed up – but because of the noise of the fireworks.  Cats may be independent, but…. 4th of July – Independence Day. Given how … Continue reading

The Cat Came Back Song

One of my favorite folk songs I’ve sang at many parties is The Cat Came Back But the cat came back the very next day. Yes, the cat came back. They thought he was gone. But the cat came back. … Continue reading

Cat Videos

Cat Videos – Immortalize your cat(s) by creating videos of them.   Thanks to the inexpensive, accessible and easy of modern gadgets – it is easy to capture photos and videos of our precious cats for keeps. An absolutely amazing … Continue reading

Mothers Day eCard Video of Dancing with your Cat

Yes. You can create it! And it is MUCH easier than you think!   Mothers Day ecard Video of Dancing with your cat OR of your mom dancing with her cat will be an ecard she’ll never forget! You can … Continue reading

Favorite Cat YouTube Videos

Favorite Cat YouTube Videos – where do we begin?     Favorite Cat YouTube Videos include this kitty that seems to drink his water by sticking his head under a running faucet.  Classic video.  I’ve NEVER owned a cat who tolerated … Continue reading

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