Welcome to Cat Wows!

If you love cats, this site will WOW you.

The only refuge from the miseries of life are music and cats. – Albert Schweitzer

I love cats. I’ve owned at least one cat ALL of my life. Anything that has to do with a cat I love. My love of cats is what inspired the creation of this site.  Here you will not only see delightful photos and videos cats, you’ll learn how to create your own images and videos to showcase your cat t(or other cats) to surprise and delight family and friends.  You’ll learn about cat ailments and ways you might go about treating them.  Recommendations of great places to get unique cat gifts, knick-knacks, cat toys are here too.

Do you like quotes about cats?  Here you’ll find lots of quotes about cats.  One of my favorites is the one above by Albert Schweitzer.

I share lots of information about Wilson Bones Mallette, the cat that currently owns us. Friends and family who have cats are a part of this site too! If you’d like to see YOUR cat on this site, make a post at the Cat Wows Facebook Page  

I love sharing images my OWN collection of cat things that, well, clutter my home, like the image of the cat birdhouse that resides in my patio.  Lets face it, when you love cats, you just can’t get enough of them!

Welcome to Catwows
Stick around. Browse. Enjoy your visit. If you love cats, you will love Cat Wows!

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