Wordle your Kitty

Wordle your kitty – what does THAT mean?


There is  fantastic word cloud creator, free, on line called Wordle where you can create an ENDLESS amount and variety of word clouds.  What I did was compile a list of all the names I call Wilson, with the “~” sign between words that belong together, and pasted them into the Wordle text box.  Below are the pet names (pun intended) I compiled:

Wilson, Wilson~Bones~Mallette, Willy, Fat~Cat, Fat~Boy, Knuckle~Butt~Kitty, Wild~eyed~Willy, Cutie~pie, Willa, Wee, Wee~kitty, Stair~Slug, Box~boy, Pussy~boy, Pussy~cat, Willa~Bones


Once Worlde produces an initial word cloud, you can modify it in an infinite variety of ways – colors, fonts, direction of the words, background colors, whether words are all caps or lower case or upper case, and on and on it goes.  Caution, however. If you create a Wordle  version you LIKE, use a tool like Snipping Tool for Windows to grab an image of it because there is no way to save a Wordle and then continue to edit it.  Once you save your Wordle, you have to start all over to create a new one. That is the only draw back to this delightful program.

Wordle Your Cat Example #1

All Horizontal with white background template choice in Wordle

Wordle Your Cat Example 2

Here is the half vertical and half horizontal version with different font

World your cat example 3

Here is mostly horizontal with “Loved By The King” font (my favorite) and black background template

World your cat example #r

This is the “any which way” for direction of words and super bright option for colors.

Wordle Your Cat Example #5

This was what FIRST came up when I pasted my words. Luckily, Wordle does give you the option to change your Wordle as demonstrated with the four varieties above.


Be patient as you learn to use Wordle. But I promise you, it is worth every ounce of effort. You’ll think of dozens of other things to Wordle about! But for me, I just LOVE to Wordle my Kitty!


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