Words of Wisdom about Cats by Sigmund Freud

Words of Wisdom about Cats by Sigmund Freud is the first of many quotes about cats on cat images I will be creating for Cat Wows.

Words of Wisdom about Cats by Sigmund Freud are words I surely agree with!!  Dr. Freud’s words are set to  this photo is of Wilson doing his “Just Try To Resist Me, Mom!” poses!  Do you have photos of your cat being irresistible?  Why now showcase them!

This image was created using PowerPoint.  Insert a picture into the slide, add text, and save the slide as a JPG.  That’s it!  A great way to showcase your kitty!  If you wish to share your image on Facebook. reduce the size of the image to 403 pixels wide. Most programs will automatically lock the aspect ratio.  That way your image will show in its entirety on your FB post.


words of wisdom about cats by Sigmund Freud

PowerPoint is a powerful image editing tool – a little known secret about this Windows software. I’m sure it is the same for  the PowerPoint equivalent for Mac called “Keynote.” A delightful e-learning guru, who probably pioneered creating e-learning on a serious budget, uses PowerPoint extensively. I highly recommend his blog, by the way, which is “Rapid e-learning blog”   Many of the tricks I now use to edit images in PowerPoint I learned from the Tips in Tom’s blog.

Here are three examples of the same images, tweaked using PowerPoint picture editing tools.


Below is  image with one of many frame formats to choose from. You can also change the COLOR of he frame, which I did in this example.


Editing Cat pictures with PowrPoint


PowerPoint editing of Cat quote image
Here is the image tweaked with the “Paint Brush” feature. 



Seriously, the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to editing a graphic in PowerPoint. Just click on an image in PowerPoint and a dialog box will pop open giving you many options for editing the slide image.  Once you have a collection of images you can use them to create a VIDEO!


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